Born in Çorum, Turkey in 1957
Profession: Picture Painting artist, Designer, Instructor, Writer
Present Occupation: Creating Art works at the own Art Studio - Designer, Instructor, Writer

B.A. from the Anadolu University in Turkey, 1970

Instructor of Design, Drawing, Photography, and Art History-Çorum Atatürk Lisesi (High School), Turkey
Instructor of Design, Drawing, and Photography—Çankırı Çerkeş 27 Mayıs Lisesi (High School), Turkey
Instructor of Design, Drawing, and Photography—Çorum İlköğretim Okulu, Turkey
Headmaster—Özel Çoum İlkokulu, Çorum, Turkey
Instructor of Design, Drawing, Photography, and English—Dr. Sadık Ahmet İlköğretim Okulu, Çorum, Turkey
Instructor of Design, Drawing, and Photography—27 Aralık İlköğretim Okulu, Turkey

INSEA (International Society For Education Through Art)

Kunstevent, Eindhoven 2006
Media Galerie, Rotterdam 2006
Istanbul Menkul Kıymetler Borsası Art Gallery, paintings, Ankara 2004
Çeşme National Art Carnival, paintings, 2004
The Art Days of Belgium, paintings, Antwerp 2003
Georgia-Batum National Gallery, paintings, Georgia 2003
Romania-Mecidiye National Gallery, paintings, Romania 2003
Istanbul Menkul Kıymetler Borsası Art Gallery, paintings, Ankara 2003
Ankara Atakule Vakıfbank Art Gallery, paintings, Ankara 2003
Ahoy in Rotterdam, paintings, The Netherlands 2000
Bükres National Gallery Private Collections, paintings, Romania 1995
Igay Hall, paintings, Iskdenderun 1996
Bank of Trade Gallery, paintings, İstanbul 1994
Bükres National Gallery, paintings, Romania 1994
Sürmeli Hotel, paintings, Ankara 1993
Morabin Park, paintings, Çannakale 1993
Ortaköy Art Center, photographs, İstanbul 1993
The Association of Ankara Photography, Photographs, Ankara 1993
Art Gallery M. Gologlu, paintings, Trabzon 1991
Akbank Art Gallery, paintings, Samsun 1991
State Art Gallery, paintings, Amasya 1990
State Art Gallery, paintings, Çorum 1989
Columnist for the Çorum Newspaper
Author of numerous articles for various newspapers and magazines
MPM Award of National Articles Competition for the subject of Potential Educatinal Success (Eğtimde Verimililk)
Peer Review (Jury) Member for Yapa Publications, Banvit Paintings, and the National Autistic/ADHD Children’s Competition
Presentation for the National Symposium of the best applications (MEB)
Interviewee and Presenter of various Radio and TV Programs
Designer responsible for the layout of various children’s boks, such as I’Myrobolan Starting to Read, Drama, German Language, etc…
Educator and Preparer for many college-bound high school students and university students in several private art studios
Presentation of the International Art Educators Association
Poster Presentations of the University of Sabanci, for the conference of he best presentations at education
  Presentation of the Child Books Competition for the University of Ankara
Indeed, Art is life. It is the life-vein connecting all human beings and societies. I believe that an Artist is someone who feels the very first rays of light on his/her forehead and is able to see what others cannot.

Art is love; it is a search for beauty. It is peace. The purpose of Art is to discover and also be aware of ugliness. It is to perceive the poetic life.

The connection with the relating branches, architecture and other links, the target always is widen the view that continue to infinitive. Thee is no end of art and will never finish; there is only feelings that is the main point to be creative for further improvements. Unless you have the good feelings, you can never create perfect art works. To create the best art works, you have to have the love in your heart.

I find it very rewarding to be an Artist and to contribute to the education of students as an Art Instructor.

Attended to various picture painting galleries and exibitions.
Pictures available at the various collections and Government Museums
Continuation of the Art Works applications, Designs, and Educational Instructor activities.
Studying for the new Gallery and ExHibition organizations for the presentation of the recent Art Works.
  Website : http://www.sahikaoz.cjb.net/  
  Email : sahikaozunel@hotmail.com  
  Phone : 0 312 240 22 27  
    0542 631 49 75 0505 588 26 12  


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